Welcome to Jasmine Lawrie Photography. I'm a product photographer on the west of Scotland, located in Stewarton, East Ayrshire. 
As of February 2022, I joined the Quiz Clothing PHOTOGRAPHY team! Some of the imagery found on quizclothing.co.uk has been shot and/or edited by myself, BOTH MODEL AND PRODUCT IMAGERY, AND INCLUDING THE VIDEOS.
As you will gather from my work, I thrive from creating fun sets which often see me exploring colour and new techniques, allowing my creativity to flourish. I am forever trying to think outside the box and create visuals which are exciting and unique.
I have 3 years of photographic knowledge behind me as I studied at one of Scotland's best educational institutions, City of Glasgow College. I am fortunate enough to have studied NC, HNC and HND.
Don't be shy to connect with me on social media - I'm extremely active on all platforms. There, you can find some sneak previews, behind the scenes and much more! Just search "Jasmine Lawrie Photography".
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